Volaro Express Contracts has successfully processed over 100,000 contracts, saving airlines a total of over 500,000 manual coding hours

Airline sales teams invest significant effort and time from initially qualifying a sales lead to finally signing a contract. Once the negotiated contract is signed and agreed then a fast ‘time to market’ is crucial. Days and weeks of filing delays means days and weeks delay in seeing the bookings and revenues come through.
Volaro in partnership with ATPCO offers the Express Contracts service that definitively addresses this issue, enabling your airline to file and distribute in just minutes.
There are two options to submit contract data:
  • API: You can integrate the Express Contracts API into your system at a data level. This enables you to send contract information as a transactional data exchange. Volaro can work with you to achieve this level of total automation.
  • Standard instruction: Integrate with your existing contract management system by converting contract data to an Excel Spreadsheet and submit for automated processing.