For Airlines
A fares management platform including automated filing and distribution using ‘Express Contracts’.
For Travel Retailers
Airfare contract processing for TMCs, OTAs, TOs, Consolidators, etc… and Corporate Travel Management Consultancies.
For Global Distribution Systems
Directly filed to private negotiated fares databases of GDSs.

In a fiercely competitive travel industry, ‘speed to market’ is crucial. Airlines need fast, efficient and accurate fare-filing. For many the process of fare-filing is cumbersome, time-consuming and MANUAL.

Using proprietary software, Volaro can deliver fast, efficient and accurate fare-filing automation for airlines, resulting in improved end-to-end processes for airlines, key customers and retail partners.
Volaro means true automation; no manual data entry, no human keying errors, no delays, no backlogs and all available 24/7.

Our solutions

We offer 4 distinct solutions that enable you to get airline contracts out to your distribution channels quickly and efficiently in a matter of minutes/hours.
Volaro FareHub
Fare Management and Distribution Platform

Volaro FareHub is a centralised application for airlines to perform airfare content creation, management and manipulation, workflow, communication, and includes fully automated fare filing and distribution so you can realise bookings immediately.

Express Contracts
Volaro Partnership with ATPCO bringing Express Contracts to airlines

Express Contracts has successfully processed over 100,000 contracts, saving airlines a total of over 500,000 manual coding hours.

Negotiated contracts are a significant source of each airline’s revenue and often require much work to secure.
Through our partnership with ATPCO we have developed and operate the Express Contracts service that offers the only automated solution in the market to process negotiated contract data in an ATPCO format that is ready for distribution in just minutes.

Volaro FarePro
Fare Integration Professional Services

Looking to make your current airfare contracting process more efficient? The key is data integration.

Volaro FarePro can integrate airfare contract formats from your current internal process and generate fare data for automated submission and processing through the ‘Express Contracts’ service.

Volaro FareNet
Fare Distribution Services for Travel Retailers

Retail Travel companies receive contracts directly from airlines outside normal filing channels.

Simply upload the contracts to Volaro FareNet and we will automatically convert the contracts into formatted data compatible with the target database system.

It’s that simple!


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